Introduction to the Hydrogen Industry


Integrated Energy offers a range of well-proven training courses/workshops to cater to logistics providers, fleet operators, and government agencies. The workshops on low carbon and integrated operations convey the key learning from more than a decade of experience in the field of energy and provide attendees with a practical, actionable framework and skillset which they can take back to their own companies. Using a combination of theory and first-hand case studies from companies worldwide, participants will be armed to tackle a range of scenarios applicable to their operations with live feedback and coaching. These will cover all aspects of the operations from production, transportation, storage, and HSE and logistics of the hydrogen and the hydrogen refuelling facilities, zero emission vehicles and the renewable energy. A lively knowledge sharing approach is used to allow maximum value for all participants.

The course is proven to deliver strong benefits to safety, production, cost efficiency, resource recovery, and attractiveness to people. In the right combination it aims to leave the course participants confident and competent in crucial areas of the operation process. They will leave the course ready to shape and, as informed buyers, contribute to their companies’ hydrogen operations programs of process operations-related services.