In 2023, Integrated Energy continued to remain engaged by Mount Gibson Iron Ltd. in their “Implementation of Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction Plan”.

In 2023, Integrated Energy was also engaged by a few reputed organizations to conduct feasibility studies for their hydrogen projects. Some of the major ones are: (1) Hydrogen Feasibility Study for the Shire of Dardanup; (2) Delivery of Townsville Hydrogen Hub Feasibility Study and Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Conceptual Design and Offtake Agreements for Footwatio Renewable Ventures (FRV); and (3) Development of bankable feasibility study for hydrogen electrolyser technology for Cavendish Renewable Technology, which included market analysis, site identification and evaluation, financial evaluation, forward plan, 3d design, visualisation, 3D flythrough, virtual reality experience.

In 2023, Integrated Energy started its partnership with KBR – working in the development of hydrogen transportation infrastructure in Indonesia. The engagement included site visit, site selection, functional requirements, safety training and regulatory framework with 3d visualisation, video flythrough and virtual reality experience.

In 2023, Integrated Energy also successfully delivered courses on hydrogen for various organizations. One of them was for World Trade Organization‘s headquarters in Geneva. Integrated Energy completed development and delivery of a course on hydrogen and its implications for global trade. The course – named “Hydrogen Trade – Hype or Hope?” had over 50 participants and was well-received. For Petronas Malaysia, Integrated Energy completed development and delivery of a course on “Integrated Operations and Digital Transformation of Upstream Energy” to address energy transition. Within Australia, Integrated Energy completed development and delivery of hydrogen awareness course for Port Hedland Industry Council, and Resource Training Industry Council.

In 2023, Integrated Energy completed development and delivery of “Virtual Reality and Video Showcase of Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Projects” as part of the Australian Government Stand at the United Nations COP28 Conference in Dubai for six days. It was a similar showcase to what Integrated Energy offered during COP27.

In 2023, Delivery of a Green Hydrogen Intervention for UNESCO Bangkok

In 2023, Development and Delivery of an engagement on Hydrogen Opportunity for Asia Pacific for Australian Federal Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

In 2023, Development of small scale tidal stream hydroturbine for Western Australia

In 2023, Development and export of hydrogen hybrid technology for marine application internationally

In 2023,

In 2022, Integrated Energy was engaged by Mount Gibson Iron Ltd to provide consulting services to support their decarbonization strategy – with primary emphasis on solar power and hydrogen.

In 2020, Integrated Energy was engaged by Infinite Blue Energy to develop the offtake market and contracts for a new large scale green energy project, design the offtake terminal for the facility, and design an associated network of hydrogen refuelling stations across the state, considering safety, technical and economic feasibility.  This also included engagement with trucking companies and truck manufacturers to provide an actionable ecosystem plan for green hydrogen, and introducing capital.  This was very successful in enabling the project to progress.

In 2020, Integrated Energy was engaged to consider the needs of regional communities of Cue and in particular the opportunities for Cue Roadhouse and a series of related Top Group Roadhouses including Del Park, Kambalda, and Karnup, for power, transport, communications and resilience.  A combination of microgrid, solar, wind, battery, hydrogen technologies were considered in a new model.  This resulted in an analysis of an Australia wide hydrogen station network and practical implementation of solar / battery projects.  It also led ultimately to the creation of a new related entity for green hydrogen which has secured a multibillion dollar green hydrogen supply to replace heritage fossil fuels for a network of roadhouses.

In 2020, Integrated Energy was engaged by the WA Department of Health to develop and share COVID modelling which informed WA Health Department responses and were also shared in briefings to the Chief Scientist WA.  Models were created which could show on a town-by-town basis the potential propagation of COVID across WA by integrating spatial, demographic, and epidemiological data, with a special focus on remote indigenous communities and other areas of high risk.  A new model to enhance community resilience was created.  These results were subsequently used by the Health Department to brief the Department of the Premier and Cabinet on key COVID response actions. This ground breaking work resulted in several papers, multiple presentations, and front page coverage on the Wall Street Journal.

In 2020, Integrated Energy was engaged by the City of Melville to develop and deliver a COVID Response workshop during the depth of the COVID Pandemic in Australia. The workshop was supported by modelling of the pandemic to demonstrate the alternative choices and consequences available to the city. The workshop was highly successful with key operational decisions made during the workshop, which kept the city safe.  Subsequently the city was one of the first to respond with a $20 million COVID response and recovery plan.

In 2019, Integrated Energy was engaged by INPEX to develop a future operating model in the medium term horizon, design of operations centre concepts and associated road map. This was for a new large scale LNG offshore upstream and LNG export operation.

In 2019, Integrated Energy was engaged in support of OCP to design a digital and automation road map for a large scale mining operation including virtual reality design thinking workshop collaboration and AI, in Morocco.

In 2018, Integrated Energy developed a multi-person virtual reality environment spanning the control room of a floating energy facility, the onshore operations centre, and engineering support facilities for Shell.

In 2018, Integrated Energy was engaged to develop an operational performance benchmarking framework which allowed conventional energy to be benchmarked against renewable energy, in areas such as safety, environmental, societal, reliability, productivity, and cost parameters.  Allowing it to be applied at an international, national, state and company level.  This framework was developed and agreed in conjunction with NERA and leading operators such as Woodside, Shell and Chevron.

In 2018, Integrated Energy ventured into space with the design of a global prototype mission control environment/integrated operations model for a leading multinational space agency.

In 2018, Integrated Energy Managing Director was invited to share the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) conference streams at Gastech 2018, the world’s biggest gas and energy conference, in Spain.

In 2018, Integrated Energy were engaged to perform an Integrated Operations Assessment and Design for one of the world’s largest network of mines, processing plants, and marine export facilities including supply chain (24 control rooms, > 20, 000 employees). This included design of a new Operations Centre, multi-person virtual reality design thinking workshop, collaboration and AI. This work was performed in Morocco in conjunction with Teal and IBM for OCP. This was extended to include collaboration, AR and VR specification and training.

In 2017 Integrated Energy were engaged to perform an Integrated Operations Assessment for a new clean energy mining and processing company, CleanTeQ, including subsequent design of new operations centre, and all onsite and offsite buildings, robotics, and AI.

In 2017  Integrated Energy was again engaged by Oil Search to perform an organisational design review across their production operation together with the design of new team processes and technology.

In 2017, Integrated Energy were engaged by Conoco Phillips to conduct an Automation and Integrated Operations study for a new Timor Sea FPSO including design of new organisation and operations centre models.

In 2016 Integrated Energy was again engaged by National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) an Australian Government Industry Growth Centre, part of the Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science. The engagement included development of requirements and approach for operational performance benchmarking across the energy sector for Australia. Key stakeholders included NERA and major international and Australian operating companies.

In 2016 Integrated Energy was engaged by the Moscow Petroleum Institute (MPI) to develop and deliver a four day course on Integrated Operations and Digital Oilfield in Moscow, Russia. The course and supporting materials were delivered in Russian and English to sixty five oil field production managers from Lukoil. This formed part of their postgraduate executive professional development. On the third day nine syndicates worked concurrently on Integrated Operations exercises related to their live operations, the results of which were presented to company management at the end of the day. Strong value was found in HSE, production enhancement, and cost efficiency.

In 2016 Integrated Energy was engaged to develop and deliver a three day course on Integrated Operations and Digital Oilfield for Petronas in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia the course was delivered to twenty Petronas staff from their Integrated Operations / Operations Excellence Team and Operational Assets. The highly interactive course received very positive reviews with staff able to work on scenarios highly relevant to their operational challenges.

In 2016 Integrated Energy was engaged by National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) an Australian Government Industry Growth Centre, part of the Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science. The engagement included development and delivery of a national energy network of companies, included a workshop on future operational models and future work skills.

In 2016 Integrated Energy was engaged by the Digital Oilfield Institute at Chang’an University to develop and deliver a course on energy companies strategy and innovation in a low oil price high cost environment. This was the first time a foreigner had been invited to give a course on the subject in China. The course was delivered in English and Chinese at Chang’an University in Xi’an. There were sixty course delegates, from all of the main Chinese oilfield operating companies, professors from Chinese universities, and Chinese and international post-graduate students.

In 2016 Integrated Energy was engaged to provide Integrated Operations Input for a leading Oil and Gas Operator in New Zealand.

During 2015-2016 Integrated Energy was engaged by Oil Search a leading operating company in Papua New Guinea, to assess the feasibility of integrated operations for a significant component of their operations within PNG. The scope included architectural and technology design and forward strategy.

In 2015 Integrated Energy was requested by the dean of Engineering, Computing, and Mathematics at one of Australia’s leading universities to develop a new model for learning, research, and engagement with industry, looking ahead 30 years. This is to inform requirements for future facilities, together with the associated business case. Student feedback was that the new model would allow strong improvement.

In 2015 Integrated Energy was engaged to develop a change management strategy for a new business critical production planning and recording process and system for 100 producing facilities across Petronas operations in Malaysia. Key to success was developing a specific strategy designed for the cultural and behavioural drivers in Malaysia, rather than a textbook approach.

In 2014 Integrated Energy was engaged by PTTEP the national oil and gas company in Thailand, to deliver a workshop on Integrated Energy and Digital Oilfield, building capability and shaping a five-year roadmap for the company. This was delivered in PTTEP headquarters in Bangkok, in English and Thai, with 56 active participants from across the business.

In 2014 Integrated Energy was engaged by the Energy Apprenticeships Group of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to assess the feasibility of a new model for engaging and developing LNG Production Operators for the Oil and Gas Industry in Australia. The resulting recommendations allowed a multi-operator training model to be put in place, providing for the first time opportunities for high school leavers to gain a paid role in a training academy allowing them to be qualified LNG Production Operators four years later. This new model (National Energy Technicians Training Scheme) is now in effect with foundation companies including Shell, Quadrant Energy.

In 2014 Integrated Energy conducted an extensive review of Coal Seam Gas LNG Upstream Asset Management / Integrated Operations for BG in Queensland.

In 2013 Integrated Energy conducted a forward looking study of Integrated Operations, to identify future technology requirements for a world leading Australian technology company.

In 2012 Integrated Energy conducted an organisational and technical assessment for one of the worlds leading gold companies for a gold mine in Papua New Guinea.

In 2012 and 2013 Integrated Energy also provided integrated operations input to one of the worlds first floating LNG projects, in particular the development of the operations and maintenance philosophy, and integrated operations concept.

From June 2010 through to 2012, Integrated Energy have worked closely with Woodside Energy Ltd in Perth on a strategic assessment of the Browse LNG Development with regard to Integrated Operations. A further contract was then awarded and undertaken in October 2010 for the pre-FEED organisational design of the Browse LNG Development, and throughout 2011 on FEED deliverables for integrated operations.

In 2011 Integrated Energy undertook an assessment study for Rio Tinto Technology and Innovation, relating to the performance of the Rio Tinto Remote Operations Centre in Perth, Western Australia.

In Nov 2009, Integrated Energy and Santos agreed a two year contract for provision of drilling project management consultancy services, in support of Santos’ worldwide drilling portfolio.  The contract scope includes enhancement of Santos’ Drilling and Completions Management System, and implementation support for Australian and international projects. In 2010, Integrated Energy carried out a series of workshops for Santos in both Perth and Adelaide to support well concept selection for a series of projects in Australia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Kyrgyzstan.

Over the last twenty years, members of the Integrated Energy team have provided services to many of the world’s leading international oil and gas companies, including Woodside, Shell International, BP, Exxon, and BG International, together with major national oil companies in the Middle East. This has included projects in Australia (North West Shelf and Timor Sea), UK, Norway, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Oman, USA, and UAE. Our experience includes exploration and appraisal programmes, development projects, and infill drilling / expansion campaigns during ongoing operations. Members of the Integrated Energy team have demonstrated technical leadership as authors for books on management of systems engineering projects published by leading oil companies, as authors of technical papers and global guidance in the area of real time drilling and collaboration, and chairing regional conferences addressing aspects of project management for upstream oil and gas. Our work has identified billions of dollars of incremental value for our clients, together with significant HSE and people benefits, and we have a track record of value delivery.

Together with our Integrated Energy Alliance partners, we are currently involved in a range of projects around the world for leading energy and service companies.  These include offshore and onshore, drilling and production, fixed and floating facilities. Results of previous projects have been documented together with our clients in a range of professional papers including:

  • SPE 84167 “A Step Change in Collaborative Decision Making – Onshore Drilling Center as the New Work Space”, ConocoPhillips, Norway, 2003
  • SPE 95442 “Deploying Common Process across Global Wells Teams – Integrating an Online Project Management Application with Effective Behaviours to Enable High Performance”, BP, 2005
  • SPE 100113 “Advanced Collaborative Environments in BP”, BP, 2006
  • SPE 110388 “A Standard Real-Time Information Architecture for Drilling and Completions”, BP, 2007
  • SPE 115511 “Design, Implementation and Operation of an Advanced Collaborative Environment for Enhanced Performance in Tangguh Drilling and Completions”, BP, 2008
  • APPEA 2011 Conference and Exhibition, “The influence of an intelligent operations philosophy on design and operation of remote large-scale oil and gas developments in Australia”, D. Cavanagh, J.Westcott, 2011.
  • Honeywell Pacific Users Group Conference Fremantle, “Integrated Operations”, D. Cavanagh, August 2011.
  • Australian Gas Technology Innovation Awards July 2012.
  • SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition October 2012, Perth, Australia
  • SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition October 2015, Bali, Indonesia
  • SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition October 2016, Perth, Australia

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