Information & Data Management


High quality real time and reference information, readily accessible simultaneously to operational staff and those supporting them, is a key to enabling better decisions faster and so unlocking the potential of integrated operations.

Integrated Energy bring deep experience in development of the requirements for these information systems and subsequent delivery on project, business unit and enterprise wide scales. This has included developing the operations information systems portfolio during the major project phase for complex, remote multi-billion dollar projects, using a systematic mapping of business process to application and infrastructure needs, together with definition of information hand over requirements to operations. We also have the experience of developing the global recommended practices in drilling real time data for an oil and gas super major, including technical strategy, contractual strategy, model contract wording, and implementation support.

Example outcomes

  • Development of major projects information system philosophy
  • Development of operations information system requirements and information handover requirements
  • Development of recommended practices for real time data with technical strategy, communications infrastructure recommendations, contractual strategy, wording for invitation to tender, tender evaluation support
    Implementation of project systems for risk management, knowledge management, schedule management, document management, engineering information management

Case Studies

  • Establishing a new business unit to support a remote Timor Sea operation
  • Growing an operation tenfold to one million barrels of oil per day in Azerbaijan
  • Establishing information system requirements for a remote operation in Indonesia
  • Global real time drilling data SPE 110 388 “A Standard Real-Time Information Architecture for Drilling and Completions