Integrated Operations Consulting


Integrated Operations includes:

  • Capability to make a rapid engineering assessment of the current state of an operation (or project) with respect to the current level of application of Integrated Operations, and the potential for implementation.
  • Experience in providing a business case for integrated operations, including detailed assessment of the costs and benefits, with the associated value in HSE, monetary return in Net Present Value, and benefits for people.
  • This assessment needs to be specific to the operation and with a high level of operational engagement in the process and hence the results.
  • A prioritised portfolio of practical integrated operations workscopes is the initial result, which can then be specified and delivered.

Example results

  • $1 billion in incremental project value identified and subsequently delivered for a series of major projects.
  • Similar value identified for a major Australian operator.
  • 1 rig day per month time savings identified and subsequently delivered.
  • $800 million in net additional value identified for a major onshore operator.
  • Concept and specification of work processes, collaboration technology, physical environment, organisational requirements and manning profiles for a large LNG project.