Over the last decade, there has been a  quiet revolution in the way leading energy and resource companies run their  business – in so doing enabling safer operations, significantly  improving performance, enhancing production and improving recovery  factors through the use of an  integrated operations philosophy.  Effective project and  operations management systems and processes remain fundamental, and  when these are combined with modern ways of working, strong benefits  result.

Today major operators such as Shell,  BP, Statoil, ConocoPhillips, Rio Tinto, Chevron, Saudi Aramco and Petrobras have  significant programs in place with names such as smartfield, Field of  the Future, Mine of the Future, efield, and ifield.  These companies quote strong returns around the  world from an integrated operations approach which considers people,  process, organisation, technology and the physical working  environment.

The team members of the Integrated  Energy Alliance have been pioneers in the digital oilfield since its  inception – working with most of the leading companies on their flagship  projects in Norway, UK, Azerbaijan, Angola, Indonesia and more than 50 such projects around the  world, as shown on the projects map.

Members of the Integrated Energy Alliance


Norway (Stavanger) leaders in collaboration environments and  technology

Boxley Group

USA (Houston) with deep oil and gas consulting and systems expertise

Fcp architects

UK (London) leading architectural designers of collaborative  environments

Integrated Energy

Australia  (Perth) comprehensive oilfield management systems and integrated  operations consulting

As a coordinated global alliance, we are able to deliver industry-leading consulting  and solutions on a worldwide  basis across the areas of project management systems, integrated operations consulting, advanced collaboration environments, change  management, and information and data management.

How is the  Integrated Energy Alliance distinct?

The Integrated Energy Alliance is unique in providing an offering which is:

  • Based on deep engineering understanding of the energy and resources industry,
  • Is independent from resource company or technology suppliers,
  • Is proven to be highly effective from a scale of single rig operations up to multi-billion dollar greenfields LNG projects,
  • Global – combining capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions around the world

In combination with careful listening for the issues and opportunities of each operation, this allows us to deliver a very engaging and highly productive approach which provides strong results for our clients.

What is the track record of the Integrated Energy Alliance?

Over the last twenty twenty years, team members of the Integrated Energy Alliance have provided services to many of the world’s leading international independent energy companies, together with major national oil companies in the Middle East. This has included projects in Australia (North West Shelf and Timor Sea), UK, Norway, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, USA, and UAE.

Our experience includes exploration and appraisal programmes, development projects, and infill drilling / expansion campaigns during ongoing operations. Members of the Integrated Energy team have demonstrated technical leadership as authors for books on management of systems engineering projects published by leading energy companies, as authors of technical papers and global guidance in the area of real time drilling and collaboration, and chairing regional conferences addressing aspects of project management for upstream oil and gas.

Our work has identified billions of dollars of incremental value for our clients, together with significant HSE and people benefits, and we have a track record of value delivery.