People, Organisation and Change Management

Our experience is that consideration of the individual and shared beliefs and behaviours of the team who will be using a collaboration environment are fundamental to success. Consequently, these factors are considered at every stage of assessment, design and implementation. The effort involved in these aspects has proven to be well worthwhile in achieving strong operational results, building a collaborative culture, and providing a sustainable return on investment through the focus on the people change aspect.

Team roles, organisational design, reporting structures, accountabilities and reward models may all need to be reviewed to support new ways of working.

Integrated Energy include in our team the skills and experience to address these aspects.

Example results

Rio Tinto Innovation Culture Mapping and Benchmarking Project.

Assessment of a major mining company’s Operations Centre– recommendations on how the Perth-based tactical operation teams can work more effectively with the remote iron ore mines, rail, ports, and Asian sales offices, addressing key interactions and meetings.

Organisational redesign, strategic team alignment, integration & change management, ‘one team’ culture building, leadership & capability development, coaching and mentoring for a variety of coal and metalliferous projects in the Bowen Basin (Queensland), Hunter Valley (NSW), as well as South Australia and Western Australia, for clients such as:

  • BMA – (BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance)
  • Peabody Coal
  • Xstrata
  • Oz Minerals
  • Wesfarmers Resources
  • Fortescue Metals Group

Case Studies

Development of a change management strategy for one hundred producing facilities across Malaysia.

Development of a new roadmap for selection and development of LNG Plant Operators across Australia.

Tangguh LNG Drilling SPE 115511 “Design, Implementation and Operation of an Advanced Collaborative Environment for Enhanced Performance in Tangguh Drilling and Completions”.

Wytch Farm Infill Drilling “Planning at Process Improvement at Wytch Farm”, BP Drilling and Completions Journal.