Integrated Operations and Digital Transformation Courses

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Course / Workshop Overview

This workshop on integrated operations and digital transformation for energy will convey the key learning from more than a decade of experience of the digital oilfield around the world, and provide attendees with a practical actionable framework and skillset they can take back to their own companies. Using a combination of theory, and first hand case studies from companies such as Shell, Statoil, Saudi Aramco and BP, participants will be armed to tackle a range of scenarios applicable to their operations, with live feedback and coaching.  These will cover all aspects of the oil and gas value stream from geoscience, drilling, production together with HSE and logistics. The implications for greenfields and brownfields facilities design will be addressed. A lively knowledge sharing approach will be used to allow maximum value for all participants. This course has been delivered successfully in five countries and three languages including Russian, Chinese, and English.

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Why you should attend

An integrated operations or digital oilfield project typically requires innovation across a range of traditionally distinct disciplines, which in the right combination, is proven to deliver strong benefits to safety, production, cost efficiency, resource recovery, and attractiveness to people.

This course, based on many case studies experienced first-hand, with a range of major clients, provides an engaging, impartial and practical approach, which aims to leave the course participants confident and competent in key areas of digital oilfield and integrated operations expertise.  They will leave the course ready to shape or contribute to their companies’ digital oilfield programs, and as informed buyers of digital oilfield or integrated operations related services. Their enhanced skills will enable accelerated progress to delivery, recognising that the journey is different for every company, and through the benefit of experience, avoid common mistakes and misconceptions.

Who should attend

Chief Operations Officer (COO), General Manager, Head of Department, Directors, Advisors, Senior Manager, Manager, Senior Engineers, Engineers, Supervisors, Superintendents and people with responsibility in the following functional areas:

– Production

– Production Optimization

– Production Technology

– Production Data Management

– Reservoir

– Geoscience

– Petroleum Engineering

– Integrated Operations

– Digital Oilfield/ Smart Field/ Intelligent Oilfield/ Intelligent Energy/ i-Field/ e-Field/ Fields of Future

– Subsurface

– Automated Control System/ Process Control/ Automation

– Well Engineering

– Drilling

– Organisational Design

– Behavioural and Cultural Change


Cost effective In-house courses, tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs, can be arranged at your preferred location and time.


Optionally, a one day course can be included prior to the Integrated Operations and Digital Oilfield course to give participants crossing over from other disciplines an introduction to the oil and gas industry to provide a stronger foundation for Integrated Operations understanding.

A half day Project Management for Oil and Gas course can also be added to the proceedings for interested participants. Please contact us for more details.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the course offering then please contact us.

Managing Innovation and New Technology in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

A two-day course on managing innovation and new technology in the upstream oil and gas industry can also be added to the integrated operations course, or provided separately

Course Overview:

The upstream oil and gas industry has become more technology-intensive over the years, and the pace of technological change within the sector is accelerating. But how should an organization manage the development, deployment, and use of new innovations that are emerging within the industry? Designed by the researcher behind both of the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Global Innovation Surveys, this course gives participants an awareness of how innovation and R&D happen within the sector and, by teaching them how to apply a broad range of tools, shows them how they can get better results from their organization’s innovation-related activities.

This course is presented by Integrated Energy Principal Consultant Dr. Rob Perrons.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the course offering then please contact us.


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