Hydrogen and Electric Vehicles Course

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Course / Workshop Overview

Mobility across the world is in the midst of a huge transition to decarbonize, reflecting the needs of society today for a cleaner solution than we have had in the past. Consequently lower or zero emission vehicles such as electric/internal combustion engine hybrids, plug in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and now hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles are dominating new vehicle sales already in some countries and rising rapidly worldwide. This transition introduces substantial new requirements for hydrogen fuel supply and electrical infrastructure, as well as new approaches to vehicle safety and skills for design, operations and maintenance.

This course will enable the participants to become familiarized with low carbon mobility concepts, frameworks and benefits; to have a better understanding of the safety, standards and performance of different types of low carbon vehicles; to gain knowledge about the infrastructure requirements and economic benefits of these vehicles, and their application to land, air and sea.